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What we offer... Let our Fashion Recruiters assist you

​ Our Fashion Recruiters pay individual attention to each and every one of our Fashion job orders, as
they are all unique. The ​Companies we represent are in varied Fashion markets and we assist our
clients to find candidates at all levels of experience. We provide one on one service to all of our
Fashion clients. All of our Fashion Recruiters working in our Manhattan offices are experienced. All of
our Fashion Recruiters in NYC have at least 8 years experience. Our Fashion Recruiters
will listen to what your needs are and provide you with quality Fashion resumes that match your company culture
  and specific job requirements.
  Please contact our Fashion Staffing Agency at and our Fashion Staffing Agents in NYC
  will call you back ASAP.

Our Executive Fashion searches vary depending on the needs of our clients.
  Some of the most SUCCESSFUL searches:


  Sales (Director of Sales, VP of Sales, Sales Managers and Sales Executive or Reps. )
  Design (V
P of Design or Creative, VP of Merchandising, VP of E-commerce)
Assistant and Associate Designer, Designers, Design Managers, Director of Design and VP of
  Design or Creative... Other frequent searches are in Marketing, Production, Technical Designers, Merchandising, E-
  commerce and Much more...

​ Below are some of the areas of Fashion Recruitment that we specialize in but do not hesitate to inquire about 
additional searches that we can do for you:

Apparel / Intimates / RTW/ Swimwear: 
Sportswear, Dresses-Collections-Intimates-Juniors-Missy-Contemporary-Childrenswear-
Menswear- Swimwear- Denim- Outerwear- Sweaters and much more.

Accessories / Jewelry / Footwear:
Jewelry; Fine and Costume- Watches; Luxury and Costume- Accessories; Handbags-Hats-Gloves-
Scarves-Socks-Hosiery- Eyewear and much more

Home Textile Design:
Bedding-Bath-Linens-Comforters-Pillows-Window Treatments-(Embroidery)-Kitchen

Our Clients work within a variety of markets, from Vertical  to Mass market all the way up to Couture,
Designer, private label and everything in between.
Whether you need a Production Coordinator or a Designer with photoshop and illustrator knowledge
or a Technical Designer with an expertise in Excel or WEB PDM....

Our Fashion Recruiters in NYC will find the candidate
that best fits the open job position and your company culture.​

​Below are some examples of positions we can assist your company with.

DESIGNERS- Apparel, Accessories and Home
Designers-Technical Designers-Graphic Designers-CAD Designers- Textile Designers-Merchandisers,

​Product Development and Production

Directors-Product Managers-Coordinators-

Sales, Office and Showroom
Division Head-Sales Executives- Coordinators-Assistants-

Buyers- Planners- Marketing- PR- E-commerce Purchasing-Importing-Allocators-Licensing-Human Resources-Administrative-Customer Service-

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